Our Mission

Ligo Project is a fully volunteer-run, donation-based, 501(c) nonprofit. We are a community composed of multi-practice scientists and artists that is incredibly excited to explore the intersections between science and other nodes of knowledge. We leverage art-science programs to foster a mindset toward cross-disciplinary thinking and away from siloed thought processes, to improve scientific literacy, and to help develop new methods of collaboration. We strive to make science more legible to a wider public, seeking to connect folks with diverse perspectives who are interested in interdisciplinary space with each other. We organize events, discussions, and collaborative art projects. Have an idea that connects science to community or an interesting Art of Science project? Email us at info@ligoproject.org.

The Team

Shane Mayack, Ph.D.
Executive Director, Founding Member – shane@ligoproject.org

Shane is a Scientist who was inspired to work on ways to remove barriers that exist in commercialization of scientific innovations, particularly those that could positively impact health, while working as Scientific Consultant/Project Manager at Cold Spring Harbor Labs. At CSHL, she worked directly with Dr. Jim Watson (discoverer of DNA and pioneer of the filed of Molecular Biology) on initiatives aimed at finding more treatments and cures for incurable cancer. Much of this work focused barriers that exist in bringing scientific innovations that could positively impact cancer treatment to the patient and how to overcome them, on identifying areas of cancer biology that are understudied/have poor treatment options, and coordination and preparation of think-tank style meetings at the Banbury Center of CSHL to address the issues. During her academic training, her research included understanding signaling molecules in immune cells that control immune cell fates—one important in inflammatory immune responses (Th1 response) and one important in regulating T activation and preventing autoimmunity as well as studies on hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) function. She received her Ph. D. from UMASS Medical Center. She is also a Founding Member & Scientific Advisor at Gene-Home Inc.

Sara Gozalo, MFA, Ph.D.
Arts, Science, & Community

Sara’s history starts in medicine and ends in the arts. Originally from Spain, Sara began her career as a scientist inspired by the possibility of making a difference by contributing to our understanding of the immune system, and thus developing cures to diseases. She earned her Ph.D. from UMass Medical Center and went on to do a postdoc at UCSF. Two years later, making a life changing decision, and from a desire to incorporate her love for the arts into her desire to be involved in social change, she moved to NYC where she earned an MFA from The New School for Drama. In New York she as worked extensively with award nominated Josh Fox (as a member of his International Wow Company) in several productions, most of which deal with political and social issues. Sara has also written her first feature length screenplay “Y si…”, a movie that deals with immigration in Brooklyn, from a human point of view as opposed to a political one. She is a founding member and president of Lazy Baobab, a production company that put out its first film, “A Wedding Day”, which was showcased at the Sarasota International film festival and BAC where it won the Audience Choice Award. Working on the Art of Science has allowed Sara to combine her two passions, film and science as she continues to document the interactions between the scientists and the artists, as well as the process that takes to create a piece of art inspired by science.


David Ulrich
Data & Technology, Founding Member – david@ligoproject.org

David is a software engineer with over 15 years of experience spanning various industries including manufacturing, financial services and life sciences. For the past 8 years, as CEO & Founder, GeneHome, Inc., David’s focus has been on delivering enterprise level systems and solutions in the life science realm with emphasis on data traceability, integration and connectivity – specifically genomic and clinical data. He is active in the Boston co-working and start-up communities as the co-founder of WorkBar, Boston’s premier co-working facility.



  • The Eugene Lang College @ The New School
  • Superhero Clubhouse
  • The Brooklyn Commons


LATE 2016

  • KC Maddux, Visual Artist | Richard White, Cancer Biologist
  • Tanya Chaly, Visual Artist | John Petrini, Molecular Biologist 
  • Jackie Lima, Visual Artist | Mande Holford, Chemical Biologist 
  • Kate Lee, Performer | Heran Darwin, Microbiologist 
  • Kevin Serra, Guitarist/Composer | Jayeeta Basu, Neuroscientist
  • Robert Williams, Graphic Artist | Jayeeta Basu, Neuroscientist

EARLY 2014

  • Nora Petroliunas, Choreographer | Dr. Scott Lowe, Cancer Biologist 
  • Grace Markman, Painter | Dr. Scott Lowe, Cancer Biologist 
  • Gustavo Asto, Visual Artist | Dr. Steve Franks, Plant Evolution & Climate Change Scientist
  • Caroline Hill, Painter/Illustrator | Dr. Steve Franks, Plant Evolution & Climate Change Scientist
  • Jasmine Murrell, Sculptor | Dr. Charles Sherr, Cancer Biologist 
  • Marie Roberts, Painter | Dr. Teresa Bandosz, Chemical Engineer & Environmentalist

LATE 2014

  • Shauna Sorensen, Painter | Daniel Heller, Biomedical Engineer
  • Nick Dunston, Jazz Bassist/Composer | Daniel Heller, Biomedical Engineer & Nanotechnologist
  • Rachael Wren, Painter | Ana Banito, Cancer Biologist
  • Sara Morawetz, Painter | Johanna Joyce, Cancer Biologist
  • Tislarm Bouie, Choreographer | Alessandra Pernis, Molecular Biologist
  • Jennifer Toth, Painter/Collage | Ross Cagan, Cancer Biologist